Unnameable 2

The Unnameable

...what it's like, where the door is, if there's a door, and whereabouts I am in it, and what lies between us, how the land lies, what kind of country, whether it's sea, or whether it's mountain, and the way to take, so that I may go, make my escape, give myself up, come to the place where the axe falls...

...calls that living, the space of the way from here to the door, it's all there... travel the road, find the door, find the axe...find the door, open the door, drop into the silence, it won't be I...the door that opens, closes again, it was never I...far from here, through the noise, through the door, into the silence, that must be it...perhaps it's the door, perhaps I'm at the door, that would surprise me....it's now at the door, what door, what's a door doing here, it's the last words, the true last... (Three Novels, pp. 411-413)

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