The Gigantomachia in Apollodorus

Now because of her anger over the Titans, Ge gave birth to the Gigantes, Ouranos was the father. These creatures were unsurpassed in the size of their bodies and unconquerable by virtue of their power. They were frightening in appearance, with long hair that swept down from their heads and chins, and serpent-scales covering their lower limbs. Some say that they were born in Phlegrae, others in Pallene. They would hurl rocks and flaming oak trees at the sky. The greatest of them were Porphyrion and Alkyoneus, who was in fact immortal provided he did his fighting in the land where he was born. It was Alkyoneus who drove away the cattle of Helios from Erytheia. Now there was an oracle among the gods that they themselves would not be able to destroy any of the Gigantes, but would finish them off only with the help of some mortal ally. When Ge learned of this, she sought a drug that would prevent their destruction even by mortal hands. But Zeus barred the appearance of Eos (the Dawn), Selene (the Moon), and Helios (the Sun), and chopped up the drug himself before Ge could find it. Then with Athene’s help he called for Herakles to be his ally. Herakles first sent and arrow at Alkyoneus, who by falling to the earth recovered somewhat. Athene advised Herakles to drag him outside of Pallene, which he did, and Alkyoneus thereupon died. In the course of the battle Porphyrion rushed against Herakles and also Hera. Zeus instilled him (Porphyrion) with a passion for Hera, and when he tore her gown and wanted to rape her, she called for help, whereat Zeus hit him with a thunderbolt and Herakles slew him with an arrow. As for the rest, Apollon sent an arrow into the left eye of Ephialtes, Herakles into the right; Dionysos slew Eurytos with his thyrsos (staff with vines and pine cones carried by Dionysos); Hekate got Klytios with fire-brands; and Hephaistos killed Mimas by throwing molten iron at him. As Enkelados was fleeing, Athene threw the island of Sikilia in his direction. She stripped the skin off Pallas and used it to protect her own body during the battle. Polybotes was pursued through the sea by Poseidon until he reached Kos. There Poseidon ripped off the part of that island called Nisyros and threw it at him. Hermes, who was wearing the helmet of Hades, killed Hippolytos in the course of the battle, and Artemis killed Aigaion. The Moirai fought with bronze maces and killed Agrios and Thoon, whiles Zeus destroyed the rest by throwing his thunderbolts. Herakles sent arrows into all of them as they lay dying. (Apollodorus, Library 1.34-38),

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