The space of the door 4 (equinox)

The 'equinox' which figures in Krapp's Last Tape is also mentioned in one of Beckettt's Residua texts, "Enough":

Night. As long as day in this endless equinox. It falls and we go on. Before the dawn we are gone.

Where the 'equinox' is "endless", different conditions prevail, of course: it is "eternally mild. As if the earth had come to rest in spring....the windlessness".

Here, where we are, the 'equinox' is seldom and is accompanied by the wind, or ushered in by the wind, in a sort of incursion of the spirit. There, the 'equinox' is "endless" and the wind is still, perhaps since spirit already prevails. In any case, humans cannot tarry with the equinox even where it is "endless": "we go on. Before the dawn we are gone." (RLD)

Compare Shakespeare in Hamlet.

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